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travel * old and new in HongKong

By August 23, 2013April 14th, 20202 Comments

Another city that has amazing contrasts of old and new is HongKong. I recently spent a weekend, mainly for shopping purposes. Say hello to a ridiculously low VAT, shoes in my size and cafes that invite to sit outside and eat gluten-free health meals. You’ve got to leave China for that.

HongKong is constantly and the move and constantly evolving. As it is with these things, I wonder if it’s ever finished.

One thing I was super excited about: HongKong now also has an Eslite bookstore – something I fell in love with during my recent Taipei stint.
It’s the kind of bookstore that has a great combination of books, magazines, art, design and space to sit and read. It’s the kind of bookstore that makes you want to spend your day. Or night. Because it’s open 24 hours (the one in Taiwan that is..).

We stayed at the Mini Hotel, which not only is really mini, but also features a Holstee print in their entrance way. It’s always nice to see college friends going global with their start-up.

Holstee Manifesto


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