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travel * Taiwan, Taipei & Kaohsiung

By July 19, 2013April 14th, 20202 Comments

After over two years in China, I finally made it to Taiwan. I had heard so many good things about it (mainly its bicycle culture!) that I was really happy to go. Once again a work trip, but with a bit of opportunity to explore, meet a friend and wander around.

I had the best tacos in a while, indulged in some Tecate and felt like being in SoCal for a while (albeit having a Canadian by my side for the occasion).

All my Chinese colleagues were also majorly excited about the food. However, more the proper Taiwanese way. I was taken out a lot to sample all kinds of different dishes. Interestingly enough the same phenomenon that occurs in China also takes place in Taiwan. Food tends to be either “good for women” or “bad for women”. As in “You should really try this! It’s good for women” or “Don’t order that, not good for women!”. Oh ha! Day one was my first goodforwomen/badforwomen day with some traditional soups containing some sort of traditional Chinese medicine herbs that made me feel so sick I had to throw up twice. Directly after eating it and half an hour later at the mall bathroom. Fabulous. After that I politely declined all further attempts at goodforwomen/badforwomen.
Instead I stuck to everything that appealed to the senses of sight and smell. Good stuff was to be had.

What was most astonishing, was that Taiwan feels like China, but the civilized version of it. Take the subway system for example. People orderly get into lines, let other passengers exit and if it is even remotely crowded they’ll stand and wait for the next train. I was in awe. And wanted to move immediately.

Looking at traffic, I had this flashback to Saigon, where a little girl had to take me by the hand to cross the street. Scooter heaven!

From Taipei we went on a train ride to the coastal hub of Kaohsiung. Train food is the best!

Kaohsiung is a seaside town, rather tropical and has the nicest inhabitants.

I love Taiwan. To be back for sure, and I want to take a bike along!


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