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While in Kyoto two weeks ago, I paid a visit to Yojiya.

Yojiya Beauty offers classic Japanese cosmetic products that come with an 110-year history in natural beauty. Everything in the store smells beautiful and I finally settled on two products: The “Tsuyabi”Natural Face Wash Powder and the “Tsuyanotama” frozen konjac facial cleansing sponge.

The Face Wash Powder is a new type of enzyme face wash powder specifically developed for facial skin treatment. The powder is based on an enzyme that’s extracted from Papaya and is supposed to break down pore-clogging dirt which causes acne pimples and rashes and will give me smooth and fine skin. This should be just about right to deal with the onslaught of urban pollution that Chinese city living comes with.

The sponge acts as an exfoliant. A key component of konjac root, glucomannan is the agent to remove dirt. It stimulates the skin metabolism with its massage effect and smoothes the skin.

This dynamic duo will be my go-to source for clean and radiant skin this fall. If you get a chance to go to Kyoto, do pay a visit to Yojiya Beauty.