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While being a bit stunned that summer came and went just like that, I couldn’t be more excited for fall. (yes, it’s my birthday season, too, but hey – I really do love fall). It’s finally time to stay in and read. Here’s what’s currently stacking up on the bedside table:

1. Roter Mond
I’ve been a lifelong mystery and fantasy aficionado and my dad knows it. Thus he gifted me Benjamin Percy’s Red Moon and I cannot wait to get to it. Just what I need for tonight’s 15 hour flight home to Shanghai.

2. Die Bienen.
My Grandmother has been reading this one on her iPad and loves it. Since I’m a little less technically advanced than my 91 year-old grandmother, she got me the hardcover edition. The German version has a much prettier cover than the English one and I’ve been on a “honoring the mother tongue” mission and have been reading more in German.

3. Morgen kommt ein neuer Himmel
The english title is “The Life List”and I bought this in the airport book shop. I’m looking forward to a novel about a mother that shows her daughter how to make her dreams come true. Can dreams provide happiness? I will find out. Reviews have been very positive and I need something light and entertaining, something to laugh and possibly cry over. (I’m a big book cryer, so it won’t take to much).

4. Not That Kind of Girl
As a big “Girls” enthusiast I of course need to read Lena Dunham’s book. If it’s half as good as the series, witty, real and authentic, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this tremendously.

What are you reading this fall?

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