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During my trip to London a few weeks ago, I was introduced to a smell revolution, called Molecule.
Haven’t you heard?! my friend wanted to know. No.. I hadn’t.

There’s a new fragrance out and it’s a perfume that only has a single ingredient. ONE molecule, that will react with your skin to create your own unique scent.

That sounded interesting, so we made our way to the beauty department at Liberty and inquired. While standing next to the shelf that held the various version of the scent a lady came by – grabbed the bottle – and showered herself in Molecule.

People have stopped me on the street to compliment my smell!!

she exclaimed.

And I was sold. So I bought myself a small bottle of Molecule and thus far can report that I really like the smell, however, no life-altering encounters or compliments. It remains a mystery, whether this molecule really is a game-changer.


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