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By July 20, 2012September 17th, 2016One Comment

Eating chicken and waffles, burritos and burgers for a week sure isn’t healthy, but I compensated with loads of surfing, hiking, yoga and baseball (watching counts, right?).

I stayed for a most fabulous week with old friends and maxed out my LA week in regards to shopping, sun soaking, sight seeing and art.

See more pictures here.

I managed to close some fabulous deals, bringing home J.Brand jeans and shorts, Vera Wang heels and Splendid Tees as well as a lot of cosmetic products (NARS Heat Wave addiction, anyone?) and the only thing that was on the list I didn’t buy was an iPad. However, I am Hong Kong bound on Monday – let’s see.

Also – I watched Magic Mike (I mean, if it’s at Arclight, I’ll go..) and despite Channung Tatum being facially challenged he does have a hot body. And who would’ve thought the movie has a storyline, too? Go see it!

Now I am suffering from a MAYJAH jetlag, I’ve been up at 3am every morning since Wednesday. Rough. Might be a great opportunity to hit the gym early. Stay positive, right.

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