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This is us, Europe!

By September 20, 2004April 14th, 2020No Comments

just got back home from detroit.

what a weekend it was. rocknroll and champagne on the 18th green. chanting irish songs on 16 on saturday for padraig and paul and oh what a great time i had. am completely sunburned and had the time of my life.
Monty and sergio turned out to be the heroes of these 35th ryder cup matches and so were the irish and the english and most of all bernhard.

damn.. key club 2006 here i come. this is something you just can’t miss out on!

Europe standing strong angainst the US, a historical victory and the biggest part on american soil.

and apart from all that: hilton hotels aren’t all that great and vip passes really do you good.

i will sleep for 24 hours now .. no sleep all night and the weekend is taking its toll.

check out:

and this is the man:

yes. this was the greatest of all weekends. congratulations to europe. united as one.

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