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a Summer Sunday in Qingdao

By June 23, 2013September 17th, 20162 Comments

I am currently in Qingdao and will leave later today for Taipei. Qingdao has been a little bit disappointing – I was originally planning to come here for the August beer festival, which sounded like the perfect weekend trip to satisfy my Bratwurst cravings and indulge in some German heritage liquid, also known as beer.

However, it disappointed with the baddest air, lots of construction sites, cockroach infested beaches and long ways to get anywhere. Thus no further trip and I’ll share more on the good sites of Qingdao early next week, when I get home.

Since we’re smack in the middle of summer, I have been feeling a bit summer nostalgic. I miss those long summer nights we would have in Europe at the moment. Where you sit outside until late in the evening, over good food and a bottle of wine, all the while burning mosquito repellent incense. Also, I used to have a big swing near my house, and there’s nothing like going swinging in the middle of the night. ah… nostalgia.

Unfortunately, eating McDonald’s ice cream has been my most summer-like moment of the past week and as you may know, I am a sucker for ice cream – it never fails to deliver a certain level of joy!


I found this summer clip quite inspiring, despite being very much subject to Portlandian Hipsterdom – mason jar coffee mug anyone?!

via Kinfolk Magazine.

Are you having a good summer?


  • daniel says:

    HI Sonja,
    have to tell you that we had “Midsommar” here in sweden just two nights ago – and it was raining… of course it was raining…
    I promise I will install a big swing beside the house and whenever you come to sweden for midsommar you can swing all night long… in the swedish summer rain…

  • Sonja says:

    daniel – midsommar next year i think. sounds all too tempting!!

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