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travel * Xiamen, China

By July 1, 2012June 28th, 2018One Comment

Last night I got back from Xiamen, where I spent 4 days for work. We had our team event there, so I did get to see some of the island.

It offers delicious seafood, soaring temperatures, and beautiful architecture. The little fisherman’s island Gulangyu, which is a 5-minute ferry-ride from downtown, is full of creativity and greenery. And of course millions and millions of Chinese tourists.
On the larger island itself, rent a bike and ride up and down the coastal path – it does have a bit of a California vibe to it (the very Chinese version of it).

We stayed at the Xiamen Conference Center hotel, but if you consider going on a personal trip, I would recommend the 46 Howtel.

So, this is Xiamen. Overall definitely better than Sanya (less newly rich people, cleaner beach) and more sights to see, as well as a really nice bike path along the coast.

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