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travel * Tokyo, Japan

By January 15, 2013April 14th, 2020No Comments


Before Christmas in late December I spent a few days in Tokyo. Cold, yet sunny – great food, exciting fashion and the nicest people. I walked insane amounts and thoroughly enjoyed the inspiration that’s just everywhere.

Good afternoon, Mount Fuji.

It’s a bit strange to be in Japan – it was my second trip post Fukushima. The first one just 3 months after the catastrophe and this one a year and a half later. On neither occasion I worried much about it (subconsciously only), yet I suppose I should. The people do.

And the omnipresently annoying Michael Michalsky made it to Harajuku, too.

I really wanted to steal this ride.. I think I need a bit more bling in my life. Then again, it probably wouldn’t last long in Shanghai, especially prior to CNY now – I all to vividly recall last year’s theft.

And with that, I’m off to take a bath. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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