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travel * Tokyo City(e)scape

By August 20, 2013April 14th, 2020No Comments

I love Tokyo – I (think I) would move there in an instant. It’s a city that’s full of obscurities, love to detail and politeness. Old meets modern on every corner and everything is a little more beautiful than it would have to be to be nice. It’s all a little better than necessary, be it the food, the people, the buildings, the fashion, the quality of life (as you grasp it as a tourist).

This was the first time I went not for work and we had a full 4 days to explore, eat and see.

Cultural influences in Japan are quite versatile. A lot of food related things for example are German. Baumkuchen can be purchased in every convenience store and tastes always amazing.

Next to shopping for bike components (he) and beauty products and magazines (me) there was also cultural sightseeing on the agenda. I used the temple time to buy my horoscope and apparently I need to encourage myself and I will be fortunate. Once I hear the call of a cock I will have to wait for a chance to come. Once my time has come, I will be happier than a ship sails before the wind.

Well – good on me.

I think there is no other place where tradition and modernity go so much hand in hand and are visible on every street corner.

Every time I go to Japan, eating is IT. Everything you eat is delicious, regardless of it being a high end restaurant or some random street corner. I have never had bad food in Japan.

..and my favorite new discovery is the electronics area, Akihabara. It is insane. It is kinky. It is a grown-ups playground. And you could spend hours browsing thought 80s Nintendo games, getting lost in story high game malls and checking out the latest in Anime porn.

..and next time I go to Japan, I will have to put Kyoto and Osaka on the map. Because that’s where they race track bikes.


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