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travel * Paris, Paris

By April 26, 2013June 28th, 2018No Comments

I went to Paris to feel like a true Parisienne for a weekend and it worked out fabulously. We had an ace girls’ weekend with great food, laughter and company. On top of that we managed to spend obscene amounts of money on pretty little things and felt really, really good about it. What more can you ask for?

The weekend also marked the start of spring and we felt all kinds of summery in warm and sunny weather – subsequently it was time to kick off the shoes and hang out in the park with ice cream, nothing better.

Paris is such a wonderful place, with so many nice little areas, beautiful people and a charming atmosphere everywhere you go. It’s the kind of city where you feel the need to dress in your best attire and wear heels all the time. Where you just have to sit in a cafe and drink a ‘ver rouge’ or a ‘pression’ while watching life go by.

Click here to see some more pictures. And go to Paris some time. Do you have favorite places and must have spots to visit? I’m always keen to learn about new bars and restaurants. We visited the Cafe Charlot, made an attempt to get drinks at Andy Wahloo et cetera.

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