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travel * Kathmandu, Nepal

By December 5, 2013September 17th, 2016No Comments

Kathmandu is one beautiful small-large city. It’s small in the sense that a lot of the exploration can take place on foot, yet at the same time it is packed and busy and bustling and you have to pay the same amount of attention to scooters when crossing the street that you would have to in Shanghai. It’s colorful and the smells and sounds are a bit overwhelming when you arrive here from the quiet realms that are Europe.
For us, however, it didn’t feel so different from China, expect for everyone being more friendly, less pushy and no spitting.

You can buy teas, colorful prayer flags and incense at every corner and when wandering through the little streets there will be religious shrines and stupas abound.

We stayed at the Peace Guesthouse, however, upon arrival I accidentally went with the wrong pick-up person – much to the dismay of my actual pick-up person – and ended up at the very beautiful Kantipur Temple House. I was a bit befuddled but thought: peace or temple – what’s the big difference, that may happen. Unfortunately we quickly discovered my misplacement and I was kindly chauffeured to my actual, much cheaper home for the next 2 nights.

From Kathmandu we went onwards to Phokara, for some paragliding and then to start our adventure towards Annapurna Basecamp. And we had a little white water river rafting stop on the way. More on that in the next episode.

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