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travel * Chengdu, Sichuan, China

By December 16, 2012April 14th, 2020One Comment


From Lijiang we moved on to Chengdu, where we stayed at the less recommendable Lazybones Hostel. It could be cleaner and the staff is friendly, but appears to be higher than a kite. I quote “we do anything to make you happy” – imagine the big smile on the guy in front of me in line. Anything sounds good, I guess.

The key reason to come to Chengdu was to see the Pandas of course. I had already liked Chengdu a lot the first time round, however, since that was a work trip then, it was nice to actually have some time to explore.

So the priority spot on the travel itinerary went to the Pandas. The panda reserve is about a 50 RMB taxi ride out of the city, so don’t buy in to any of the tours, this is super easy to organize yourself. Just hop in to the taxi – that’s definitely the cheapest option for 2 people and more.

And.. there’s also red pandas – they almost look a bit like foxes..

After enjoying the ancient Naxi classical music in Lijiang, we made sure to also catch a cultural highlight in Chengdu. And what’s more traditional and original in the area than the Sichuan opera, face changing, laser lightning and fire spitting included.

Real good entertainment and for a lot of the elderly locals three Western people in the audience were even more entertaining. We were surely the most photographed people of the day and I’m sure we’ll make it in to an 80 page picture book, all of these images featuring us.

When the sun sets in Chengdu, it’s time to start feasting. And so we did. The most famous dish of course is the Sichuan hotpot. But don’t forget about the tea houses!

We then spent a leisurely Sunday strolling around the city, sampling snacks here and there.

The last landmark we visited was the Wenshu monastery, which is located just north of the center. A beautiful and rather peaceful oasis in the bustling city.

I already said this last time, but:

Until next time.

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