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puerto natales – chile

By July 15, 2007September 17th, 2016No Comments

we visited the Torres del Paine national park in puerto natales today. it was quite amazing, we saw all kinds of cool animals, among them foxes and guanacos (like alpacas except for they´re not..), commodores, emus (they´re called differently and actually are a mix between chicken and emus) and such..

it is one the biggest national parks, the guide said it was as big as Holland and Belgium combined! we saw various glaciers, one advances into a lake and the ice that breaks off is floating around the lake, quite amazing.

we´re staying in the cutest little hostel and since it´s off-season, we´re the only guests. some gringo named bob runs it, he´s from oregon.. :)

tomorrow morning it´s gonna be another early rise-and-shine day, because our bus for el calafate leaves at 7am, it´s gonna be a 5 hour ride. depending on how long they take at the boarder, because we´ll be crossing back into Argentina.

getting to chile was quite an adventure, too – a 20 hour ride. the first bus we got one had problems with its heating>: it didn´t work at all. so we were close to freezing to death, the windows were frozen up, it was minus 10 outside and inside just about the same. they provided nasty blankets that didn´t do much good and after 4 hours (long after any feeling in the toes, fingers or face was gone) we finally got to change into a new bus. that wasn´t much better, barely acceptable and then we came to the Chilean boarder, where we had to stand outside for an hour and a half to get a stamp, which took an all of 10 seconds. grr.

finally we got here at 12 at night, terrible day. so i really hope that tomorrow is gonna be better!

on Monday we hope to do some ice-trekking on the glacier perito moreno. one of the world´s last still advancing glaciers, very exciting.

it is so unbelievably cold still and probably will be getting worse as right now we´re at sea level but will be entering the Andes pretty soon.

can´t wait for Galapagos and some warmth! :D

love travelling!

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