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Furniture Shopping in Shanghai: The Chair Wagon

By June 20, 2012September 17th, 2016No Comments

The last weekend was a rather quiet and peaceful one. I did make it out on Friday night for dinner and drinks and the last one was indeed taken at a club, however, it is so refreshing to wake up on a Saturday morning, feeling refreshed and ready to live the weekend life.

Alas, I’m on a ‘drink-less’, ‘eat-healthy’ spree and so far it’s going great.

Saturday I went cycling around town with a friend and met up with a few more for coffee and food and then, finally, the ended with a good German White Beer on the balcony on newly shopped chairs.


The chair wagon had been back in the city for a a few weeks and now my friend Eva finally made her purchase. And how do you know you have assimilated and become a little bit Chinese yourself?

Anything goes onto a bike!!



Eva went for a very comfortable ‘lounge’ style chair. Pricing is decent and ranges between 200 to 450RMB per chair, depending on how thick the wood is and how well you bargain. The better quality we purchased on Saturday ended up being 700RMB for the two of them. You’ll find the Chair Wagon around Anfu Lu a lot of nights.


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