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We arrived in Jordan late on Saturday afternoon and spent the first day yesterday exploring. After waking up crazy early by the call to prayer of the local muezzin at 4.30am, I stayed up to see the sun rise. 

Followed by a delicious breakfast of hummus, felafel, and – hooray – Zwieback (the utmost German form of bread) we explored downtown of Amman, the sougs, the citadel and the roman forum. And we climbed all the hills of the city. 

We finished the day with a rooftop beer and a view across the city! Not a bad start into our holiday. 


I am trying my hand at video for the first time. I believe seeing destinations in motion is even more fun. I hope you like it – let me know what you think!

Sunrise over Amman
the Spice Market

the Spice Market

Amman night time view


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