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Surfrider Foundation – The Wave

By March 29, 2012September 17th, 2016No Comments

Waves erase traces of humans such as footprints, sand castles and drawings, but cannot erase plastic rubbish that spoils the beautiful beach.

This gorgeous ad is based on a serious topic. A lot of times I feel like I should do more. Engage. Do good. Spend my money and time in a more meaningful way. Every year I go through a phase where I start investigating different foundations, organizations and NGOs of all sorts. However, I have a really hard time connecting to any in particular. And if I do connect, then I wonder: are they big enough to really make a difference? Where does the money go that I donate? Can I actively take part, even without being geographically close to some sort of headquarter or local chapter?

It is easy to find excuses not do do anything. And it is easy to be very comfortable in the current situation without changing anything. There are a million other people who can decide to make a difference, right?

So for me: I know what I love. I love waves, fish, underwater wonders and, of course, sea turtles. So the Surfrider Foundation is my thing. It’s not hard to donate a bit of money and it is even easier to take your trash home, make sure nothing goes over board when you’re on a boat and pick up some plastic as you walk by the beach. Small things to make a difference.

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