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It’s already 2013?!

By January 13, 2013April 14th, 2020One Comment

I took a month long break from everything. And now the new year is upon me and I’m ready to make it the best year yet.

I have two goals for the year.
Number One is to keep up with the traveling. 2012 was insane in regards to destinations and also frequency. In hindsight I feel I was gone most of the year. So many great experiences, amazing places, peoples and cultures and a solid year-long tan. What more can a girl want.
This leads me to resolution Number Two. I will have to put it out there so you, dear readers, can hold me accountable. 2013 will be the year of the body. There. I said it. Being in my 30s entails that I start to worry about my health, my wrinkles, my longevity. Being healthy and fit is the top priority – thus I want a kick ass body with a kick ass immune system. Kick ass [def] means lean, toned and strong.
The current work out regimen includes 5K morning runs 3 times a week, yoga sessions (Bikram and Ashtanga for variety) 3 times a week and bike riding as usual.

I’m down 5kg since August and this morning there was indeed some muscle showing on the ever-flabby belly. Success!

I’m not cutting down on dinners, drinks and the social things in life – I am, however, cutting down on the afternoon cakes and syrup lattes.

I am also looking in to how to mix up the morning workout routine as the interval runs are efficient but get boring. Free weights are next on the list of things to tackle. If you have suggestions – please, do share!

By April I should be close to my goal, as I am getting started from a less than desastrous level. In the meantime, here’s my fitspiration.

So cheers to that! (with a post-workout-skim milk-banana-shake)


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