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I can’t believe it’s already my birthday month September – what happened to the year?! It’s been flying by like crazy and I can’t shake the feeling that I just sat back to relax after circumcyling Tasmania for Christmas. Shortly after it was time to travel Tanzania and climb Kilimanjaro. What followed was intense on the work and love side of things and it’s been one whirlwind of a year.

September is my favorite month – not only because it’s my birthday, but also because fall is around the corner. Call me crazy – but fall is my FAVORITE season. I love the colors the leaves turn, the sun that sets so bright and warm and the early mornings when it’s cool yet the promise of a warm day ahead still lingers in the air.

Here are my five reasons why this September is the best!

  • I will turn 34 – I luckily consider this to still be my ‘early 30s’ (obviously..)
  • Jordan is the next trip I am looking forward to – leaving for it in the last week of the month.
  • After 7 weeks of Europe travel for work (and, a little pleasure) I finally get to go home to Shanghai and stop living out of one suitcase. (in any case – WHAT an achievement!)
  • It’ll be a month of major life decisions that are super exciting – I will share in due time!
  • Did I mention that leafs will turn colorful – I love it!
  • So there you have it – fall is the best.

    September also happens to be the month for new songs and albums and I didn’t even know they were still around, but De La Soul came out with a new album – major YES!

    And now you sit back and relax and listen to some new tunes – here’s to you. Happy September the 1st.

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