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By October 25, 2011August 17th, 2017No Comments

sometimes you reconnect to old friends out of nowhere.

today i found an email in my inbox from a friend – we got to know each other back in the day in this little SoCal town called Huntington Beach at a home appliance company. He worked as a Graphic designer, I was a Brand Marketing intern.
We mainly surfed, golfed and partied a lot and there a few fun trips to Sin City involved.

Today he works as a Graphic designer at the dark side, I work as a Product Manager at adidas. Times change.

He just relocated to Amsterdam and started a blog on it. So if you’re interested in A’dam lifestyle, arts, music and inspiration, check out his blog here.

on my side of the pond it’s time to catch some sleep – this is when Mondays feel like they need to be Fridays.

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