September 26, 2016

Adventuring Through Jordan For The Next 2 Weeks.

We arrived in Jordan late on Saturday afternoon and spent the first day yesterday exploring. After waking up crazy early by the call to prayer of the local muezzin at…
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“Eating Emotions (Chased by Sounds)”
September 24, 2016

“Eating Emotions (Chased by Sounds)” – Alexander McQueen

It's the weekend again! And this weekend's short film has nothing to do with kitesurfing,…
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Mallorca Wedding Dinner
September 23, 2016

Weekend Getaway: Mallorca Wedding Extravaganza

No summer of love is complete without a wedding weekend getaway to Mallorca. Inviting all…
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Life At Extremes
September 22, 2016

Life at Extremes: the science of how your body works.

I love adventuring and extreme experiences. So many times I have thought: I am so…
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Code Deco
good stuff
September 21, 2016

That special smell: B Minor by Code Deco.

Every time I wear B Minor someone around me will go: What are you wearing? It smells amazing. Code Deco makes this special something, a one of a kind scent.…
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Made to Stick
September 20, 2016

Make your stories stick.

At work, I often wonder how to best make the story stick. We make clothes,…
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September 19, 2016

Destination Wine Route: a fabulous wedding and wine weekend!

Friends getting married are the best: I love seeing humans I love saying yes! Last…
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Podcast Favorites
September 16, 2016

Did I live under a rock? Podcast favorites!

OMG! Guys! Where on earth was I that I didn't realize the bliss of listening to a podcast until last weekend? I am ashamed to admit it but it took…
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No Shortcuts to the Top
September 15, 2016

Get Inspired – No Shortcuts to the Top

No Shortcuts to the Top has been the most inspiring book I have read in…
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