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music monday * Nova Heart

By May 6, 2013September 17th, 2016No Comments


Let’s talk a bit about Chinese music today, alright? I don’t know so much about the Chinese scene but every so often I come across artists I really enjoy. That happened yesterday with Nova Heart.

Rooted somewhere between Indie and Electro with a bit of a psychedelic twang Helen’s sound is something that really catches on. Listen for yourself.

Truly quite fabulous!

I saw her play at the Midi Festival, which hit town for the weekend and due to the amazing spring weather we’ve been having around here, we decided to take a little bike ride over to Century Park and enjoy a day of festival atmosphere.


A fun fact – some of China’s best metal and rock bands come from Wuhan – this guy was proudly representing!

The sky was amazing and our city is so beautiful at night… I love living here.

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