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Music Monday * City and Color

By November 5, 2012September 17th, 2016No Comments

This was already a topic back in January, but once again it’s time for some City and Color.

Dallas Green just never gets old and with my increased amount of workouts and runs I’ve been listening a lot more to Alexisonfire, and then City and Color is just a natural accompaniment on the weekends.

“We found each other in the dark” is one of those favorites that have been looping – channeling my inner romantic I suppose.

On that note, here’s a short excursion on why you (if you’re a guy) should never start calling a girl any sort if nickname after briefly having had a chat by the bar.
Imagine the following scenario:
Girl has a drink. Guy has a drink. Girl is nice enough to chat up Guy, who is reminiscent of Lonely Boy – if not visually, at least in a very literal sense of the word. Turns out Guy needs some travel advice, which Girl is happy to share. What follows is tirade of emails that include the nickname Sunshine and end in Hugs.
NOT attractive.

Back to topic – Dallas Green should take his band and head over to China for a kick ass head banging evening.

This is the story
Of Rock n’ Roll glory
Cause new metal bores me
So keep your head bangin’
If you’re a Hesher
Where is your leather?
The louder the better
So keep your head bangin’

To say it with Pepper.

Thus: Here’s the “We found each other in the dark” video. Have a great week!

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