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music friday

By October 14, 2011September 17th, 2016No Comments

getting old seems to be about being utterly uninformed. several new albums are out and it took me the longest time to find out about it.

starting out with an all-time favorite: New Found Glory.

their new album radiosurgery sounds exactly like the past albums, if a little closer to the early beginnings. which is in no way bad. afterall, we love them for their poppy punk and teenage, mindless lyrics. this is a positive mindless!

have a listen:

next up – something i’m quite excited for: metallica and lou reed are collaborating and the view sounds great. can’t wait for the full album, which will drop on october 31st!


lastly, i also have been listening to Feist’s latest album, which is somewhat more girly and quiet than the above. Listen for free to the album stream here.


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