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Monday Music

By March 6, 2012September 17th, 2016No Comments

This Monday is the last actual holiday in Honolulu. Tomorrow it’s already time again to board that plane and head back to Shanghai. The trip back, though only an 8 hour flight, will consume all of my Tuesday and Wednesday. It’ll be a ‘Back to the Future” trip, which is kind of cool.

Yesterday it rained quite a bit so I spent the majority of the day shopping and reading. The best thing is got is a brand new MacBook Pro which I am blogging from right now.

The question at hand is whether to follow my current strategy and naming it a female name (all my Apple products are girls, all other technical devices are guys). So far it’s just called MacBook Pro. A bit lame, so I will think about it.

Here’s now my music of today.


Femme is a duo comprised of Dimbleby and Capper who introduced the track LocoLuvva last year. Hooray to Women in Music!

Next up is Regina Spektor, a piano playing singer/songwriter from New York. This lady makes beautiful music with an edge to it, crisp sound.

[audio:|titles=01 All the Rowboats]

Enjoy the music!

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