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A night at the Symphony – The Royal Concertgebouw in Shanghai

By February 18, 2012September 17th, 2016No Comments

Last night was one of the rare occasions where there was a true cultural highlight happening in Shanghai.

For two nights the Royal Concertgebouw from the Netherlands performed in the Shanghai Oriental Art Center.

Shanghai Oriental Art Center

Image via Shanghai Cultural Information.

The building itself is impressive and the way it’s laid out really makes for a great experience, regardless of which price class your ticket is in.
The acoustics however, seemed a bit dull at times. Nontheless it was wonderful and I especially enjoyed the set of Brahms they played after the intermission.
Also, this was one of the better performing arts experiences I have had in China regarding the audience. The Chinese have a hard time tucking away their smartphones, iPads and such, taking pictures is a must and if the ticket says 7.30pm, why on earth would you show up any time earlier than that.
This time however, the picture taking was kept at a minimum and most people made it on time.

And I loved every minute of it!

Joy of Music

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