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Olympic Summer – 5 best moments so far

By August 7, 2012January 25th, 2018One Comment

Have you been following the Olympics? Being in China sucks!! It’s super far away. All my friends A lot of my friends have tickets for the games and thus my facebook keeps me up to date with all the greatness that’s being witnessed live and in color.

I am stuck with CCTV and nonetheless I have had a few favorite Olympic moments! Here they are.

1. Aly Raisman’s absolutely fabulous parents. It reminds me of how I tend to play video games. Full body action, mirroring the on-screen moves and ending up with a racing heart and sweaty palms. Her parents are living her every move. Love it.

2. Jessica Ennis winning gold. Such high expectations from an entire nation and pulling through. That deserves a lot of respect.

3. Yohan Blake beat Usain Bolt – only temporarily but, com’on! that was amazing.

4. The emotions of the games, captured in this fantastic series.

5. Not everything in London happens in the Olympic Park. There are world-class athletes outside of the stadiums.

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