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The Joys of Taobao Shopping

By May 12, 2012September 17th, 20162 Comments

After thinking about it literally since I moved to Shanghai, I finally got it figured out and made my first Taobao purchases.

Taobao is China’s amazing online shop – THE online shop. Whatever you can think of, real or fake, you’ll find it here.

I had been looking to update my kitchen chairs for a while as the old ones are inherited from my parents. They are foldable, wooden and straight from the 80s. They had a bit of a stability issue.

Taking to Taobao for the first time proves to be a bit of a challenge.
First of all: how to overcome the Language Barrier? The easy solution here is Google Chrome, which has become my browser of choice since living in China.
Secondly: The Taobao Field Guide is GOLD.
Thirdly: having a Chinese friend doing the payment for you makes life a whole lot easier.

After a bit of research I ended up with three fabulous new chairs, which is actually one more than I needed, but one now serves a decorative purpose.


These chairs are all replica, finding the real deal would actually be more of a challenge. I paid around 250RMB per chair and they’re top notch quality. I am really happy with them.

Room for improvement for the next purchase? Home delivery instead of office delivery!

I ordered some chairs on Taobao. How am I gonna get those home?! Next time definitely not to the office.

What to buy next??


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