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Buying an electric scooter in Shanghai

By May 9, 2012July 11th, 20198 Comments

A friend had been looking to buy an electric scooter for quite some time now and last Sunday was finally the day when we made it happen. I asked him to Click Here so he may know the locations to where the most reputed scooter dealers would ship to.

After plenty of research we found a shop on the corner of Xikang Lu near Haifang Lu that sells Vespa style Chinese electric scooters, both regular but also with 60V for 3000RMB. It includes a 15 months warranty on the battery and a 12 months warranty on the overall bike. Throw in a lock and you got yourself one kick ass bike.

We spent the rest of Sunday riding all over town and I’m so smitten, I’m considering to purchase one myself.



On a Scooter through #Shanghai!


  • doc_hammond says:

    Hi Sonja, do you know if your friend is still happy with this kind of e-scooter and the shop where he bought it? I’m considering to buy one too.
    Thanks, Uwe

    • Sonja says:

      Hi Uwe,

      yes – he’s still very happy with it and the scooter has become his main means of transportation. It’s love!

      Make sure to have the shop test whether you’re speed gauge works – that was the one thing that came up but it was no problem to go back and get it replaced. In any case, you get a full year warranty.

      Hope you enjoy life with a scooter!

  • doc_hammond says:

    Hi Sonja, thanks for your quick feedback. Do you remember the shop name or is it the only bike shop in Xikang Lu near Haifang Lu that offers this type of e-scooter? Regards, Uwe

    • Sonja says:

      Hi Uwe,

      the store only has a Chinese name, thus not sure. But when heading north on Xikang Lu, about 50 meters before crossing Haifang Lu on your left hand-side.

  • SpinShanghai says:

    hi Sonja

    Like yer site – we’re gonna head down to the shop now to grab a scooter. Hey if you like cycling we do spin classes (not the same as the outdoors i know but good fun all the same). Come have a free spin on us as thanks for the lead.

    info @ spinshanghai dot com


  • Sonja says:

    Hi Jon!

    I’d love to come by for a spin class. I’ll be back in Shanghai after the holiday – I’ll drop you an email then.
    Hope you like your scooter!


  • sandor says:

    Hi guys, we are planning to buy this kind of vespa e-scooter.
    Jon, did you buy one also?
    Everything is ok with the bike, it works well?
    i assume it is not a streetlegal bike, did you have any problem due to this?
    Any feedback is welcome!

    Regards, Sandor

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