things i bought in TKY

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despite not being able to fit into any clothes (they were too short, too small, too tight, too girly, too sequin, too anything) i still managed to spend it.

i bought
a bunny ring – i moved to china in the year of the rabbit and had a sentimental moment
the laundress, fabric fresh, classic – my dressing room now smells something like ocean breeze and out of the dryer. it’s fresh.
a built pouch for me camera – it fits in entirely and the pouch fits in my purse. and it’s hot pink, what more can a girl ask for
a dior addict lipstick in shocking pink – brightens the face on the rainiest day
a pretty flask of Sake by Normanne – my souvenier
a ton of girly products, such as anti-oil facial wipes, bath foam and breath mints in funky flavours as small presents for the girls.
two new eau de fresh – Burberry BRIT and Gucci Flora – i felt like i needed something new and my favoured Valentino was nowhere to be found.

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