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i’ll be travelling to Tokyo on Friday for our Spring/Summer 2013 inspirational trip and i cannot wait. It will be my first time to Japan and I will spend 5 days there. Not nearly enough i fear, yet probably just about all I can take in.

In order to prepare properly i have been listening to my favourite Japanese bands – afterall it’s always about the music, right.

[audio:|titles=05 Missing]

I started out with some classic Ellegarden, proceeded to Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, to then realize that some of the members then played in a band called The Birthday, which I can also highly recommend. Their latest album is titled ‘I’m just a Dog’ and was releaased earlier this year.

I definately want to try to check out some live music while in Tokyo.

And then of course – shop!

I also reread ‘The Tokyo Diaries’, which I read for the first time about a year ago and really liked. It’s a blog-turned-book from a punkrocker-turned-model, i can relate back to a lot of the music the author listened to during his time in Tokyo – Mineral, Cursive, New Found Glory, Bright Eyes and so forth. The same stuff I loved.

A really good read – check it out on

The Tokyo Diaries

book cover

Last but not least the vital question of what to pack remains. it’s been rainy, yet still fairly warm. The forecast is all sorts of mixed.

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