The Weekend – Bikinis, Books, Dogs and Workouts.

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It’s Saturday and I am once again on the road – headed to Chengdu, Sichuan Province. All work and no play, nonetheless very excited.

Here are my favorite internet stories from the last week.

1. matching bikinis and book covers. Summer is not over yet, so get on it and match your current read.

2. Easily the Headline of the Week: Hipsters stunned as vintage cameras fail to make them professional photographers.

3. Dog Shaming. If they could talk, this would be it.

4. While I am glad that I have outgrown IKEA, the Swedes are venturing into the hotel business. Not attractive. That’s along the lines of calling IKEA furnished apartments ‘luxury’ in China. As in anything Western must be luxury. Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer things that can be both assembled and taken apart.

5. I have joined a yoga studio, am constantly sore and on a serious trip of Fitspiration.

6. If you have always wondered what living in Shanghai is like, or actually live in Shanghai: This Tumblr had me laughing out loud. Spot on and very funny.

7. Don’t look at this if you are prone to epileptic seizures!!

8. Viva Olympics!

9. Cultural adjustment over the past weeks: due to the new office we’ve had to battle some insecurities in regard to air quality. We received masks as precautionary measures. I managed a day with them, but to be honest – what the heck. It’s not like the overall air quality in this city is so grand, anyway. Like Gloria Gaynor said: I will survive.

10. A beautiful short film about the daily grind in Shanghai’s Fixie Boutique Shop.

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