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Sunday Browsing – Good Morning September

By September 2, 2012April 14th, 2020No Comments

Can it really be that the summer has flown by just like that? It has become significantly cooler in Shanghai, the weather hasn’t been scorching like some weeks ago in July and August and the construction sites that had me up 7 days a week at 6.30am are coming to a final stage. I wouldn’t mind for August to linger a little longer, but then again I am thrilled to be changing up the wardrobe to fall pieces and with New York Fashion week being just around the corner, it’ll be easy to get inspired to introduce to new things to trusted outfits.

August has been a month of positive change for me. I joined a yoga studio, I didn’t go out as much and despite working some weekends, I feel a lot healthier and in better shape than I had been in a while.

September will also be the month when I turn 30. Big number, small impact. I’m quite excited for it as I will be celebrating at home with friends.

To get September started, here are a few things to keep you inspired in this first week of September.

1. Do you remember the video I shared on London’s forgotten athletes? Well, here is part two:

2. As I already mentioned – there are Pandas in Chengdu, and you can support them here.

3. Nokia put out a beautiful teaser that features a girl and a bike:

4. Have you started to Meowbify your Life? I suggest, or

5. Campbell is now offering Hipster Soup to target a younger audience. Does it make you want to buy some chicken soup?

6. This made my heart stop. Volvo teams up with world-record holding slackliner Faith Dickey to show off their new Volvo FH Trucks. It’s intense.

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