Saturday Morning on the Internet

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1. The hottest (and, I admit it, hipster-hippest) girl on Drums.

2. Five Beach Outfits for L.A. Sun.

3. Finding travel inspiration from fellow people on the go.

4. Booking Eva and my golden week diving adventure in the Philippines. Our fun Christmas holiday is calling for a repeat. This time around potentially a live-aboard, to get more diving- and less travel time.

5. It’s all about popsicles in the blogsphere, see here, here and here. This is your friday night booze to suck on.

6. Peek into other people’s closet.

7. Arguably the world’s most useful website.

8. Surfer Chic Cover-Ups.

9. This Thai Health Promotion Foundation Video will chill your blood and maybe you will rethink.

10. Anyone else excited for the iPhone 5?

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