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The Man Ride documentary is a transcontinental collaboration of epic proportions. 16 guys, two continents, one goal – to raise awareness for Men’s Mental Illness.
From suffering and pain, to absolute elation and ecstasy, witness the incredible journey of eight blokes cycling 1000km across Australia’s most rugged outback to create change and start a conversation about the very real issue of men’s mental health.

A Documentary to Raise Awareness

Mental illness, unfortunately, is often stigmatized and especially men struggle with talking about how they really feel. The friendship and comradery achieved through sport is a powerful unifier and support system that can make all the difference. I truly believe that sport has the power the change lives. It’s emotional, it pushes your limits and takes you places you never thought were possible. Nothing feels better than total exhaustion and that special sense of achievement upon completing the most challenging rides, runs, climbs – you name it.

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