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Blurring Lines and Breaking Free

By September 12, 2013September 17th, 2016No Comments

.. you’ll love the pun once you’ve watched this video:

I watched this today in a group of around 20 people and what impressed me most is that every single person had a different interpretation of what the essence of that movie is.

Sure, everyone was touched and it did hit home. But also, how do you understand this? It might have been due to cultural differences (my group was Chinese / Philippino /German) but I think it’s deeper rooted than that.

My personal take on it:
What struck me most is the reoccurring theme of the rectangular shape. Boxes are everywhere. The suitcase, the table, the piece of paper, in his cereal, of course on the ground, and in people’s mind (why else call someone a loser, right?). And then Justin breaks free. Literally.


Funny enough, nobody else saw this.

Other interpretations included that everyone has their time to shine, that the kid is living in his own comfort zone, that he is chasing his dream and that he draws strength from within.

Some of these, I don’t see, but there’s always more than one truth.

I’d love to hear what you get out of it?

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