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read * Tom Doctoroff – What Chinese Want

By September 5, 2012September 17th, 2016No Comments

I followed a recommendation and purchased this book earlier in the year. Not exactly being the non-fiction reader I should be (with a business degree), I had this one sitting on my bedside table for quite some time.

But then I had a few flights coming up and took this book along and BAM. Surprise. I read it within two days and loved every single page. It’s not a dry business guidance, but an exciting, gripping, cultural insight in to the Chinese Consumers’ mind and – as the second line of the title suggests – Culture, Communism and the Modern Chinese Consumer.

A lot of times – despite being very aware of the situation and what is happening – I just fail to grasp the why. Doctoroff’s book managed to close that gap easily. On the back of the cover it says:

“Do not go to China—with your product, your ideas, or yourself—without reading this book. Tom Doctoroff is a triple value interpreter; marketer, historian, and philosopher of all things China.” – Charlotte Beers, former Chairman Ogilvy, J. Walter Thompson, and author of I’d Rather Be in Charge

I would second that.

If you don’t want to go all the way to buying the book, I’d recommend you to have a read through his Blog entries, which provide a good insight in to the China business landscape.

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