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read * The Hunger Games

By March 6, 2012September 17th, 2016One Comment

My latest holiday read was the Hunger Games. It was good. Really, really good. So good in fact, that I then had to give in and buy the entire Trilogy.

It’s a gripping story and I couldn’t put the books down. Almost to the point where I appreciated bad weather, because it meant I could stay in and keep on reading without feeling guilty about it!

I have always been big on anything Fantasy and Mystery. In this trilogy Katniss Everdeen takes on the Capitol as she fights for her life and those of the people around here. Throw in some serious fighting and some love and you’ll have a book I cannot put down.

So now all I am waiting for is the movie to come out on March 23rd. I hopehopehope that China gets this release date as well, otherwise I will be on the prowl in my local DVD shops.

Until this one hits the theaters, I will indulge in the side braid!

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