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At work, I often wonder how to best make the story stick. We make clothes, but we are also storytellers. Every month we strive to launch a new concept, to tell a new story to the consumer, to launch a new product.

What are the consumer benefits? What does that T-shirt do for the consumer? Just making people look good isn’t good enough. In sportswear specifically, we tend to overwhelm our consumers with data and percentages. This shoe will make you run faster, jump higher or feel more comfortable.

Chip and Dan Heath examine the topic and write a compelling book on telling great stories and making them stick.

My favorite part about Made to Stick:

It’s applicable. It’s funny. It’s relatable.

The principles that the Heath brothers share can easily be transported into a workshop to share with an audience that hasn’t had the chance to read this book.

These six principles will give your ideas legs and make them stick with your audience.

Being sticky not only makes your brand memorable; it motivates people to take action.

Get the book!

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