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I love adventuring and extreme experiences. So many times I have thought:

I am so cold. I might die. This is too extreme.

This, of course, is nonsense. Nobody dies this fast. However, the science behind what actually does happen, when you get very cold, dive very deep or climb very high is super interesting. I recently stumbled across this book at Garden Books, the original Shanghai English-language book store.

Intrigued, I immediate made the purchase and called in a reading night in my favorite reading chair.

life at extremes

The various chapters look at the different extremes the body might be exposed to:

  • scaling the highest mountain
  • exploring the deepest ocean
  • crossing the hottest desert
  • swimming in near-freezing water
  • Chapter by chapter, the Science of Survival is explained.

    I find it irresistible to explore what my body is capable of. Weeklong cycle touring, climbing mountains and hopefully in the future more water related adventures are pure joy. Not always at the time of doing it, but always in hindsight.

    In her book, Frances Ashcroft cites the latest scientific findings and that’s the one drawback potentially: If you’re not into physics and the ‘How does this work’ it gets a bit too detailed. I cross-read at times, but still found it an engrossing book.

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