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Currently Reading: Lexicon by Max Barry

By September 8, 2014August 18th, 2017No Comments

My most recent read is Lexicon by Max Barry. I picked this up most recently during my trip to Taiwan where I spent an entire evening at the Eslite 24 hour Book store. Heaven for a book people like me.


It’s such a smart and gripping thriller that I haven’t been able to get to bed on time at night (or partake in any other evening activities for that matter).

I cannot live with You
It would be Life
And Life is over there
Behind the Shelf

– Emily Dickinson

Emily Ruff is recruited off the streets for her ability to withstand persuasion and her way with words. Wil is kidnapped from the airport arrival hall. Both live in a world where words are much more powerful than we can imagine, where words can persuade, they can harm, they can deliver obedience and they can kill. The society of people who are ‘good with words’ is larger than one would imagine and all they want is to get the word back. The word that kills.

I haven’t been able to put this book down and highly recommend this to you as the days get shorter.

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