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My most recent bedtime read is Champagne Supernovas, a book that I stumbled across on Chinese Amazon. 3 months later it arrived and now I’ve been sucked into the world of a young Kate Moss, a party child Marc Jacobs and an imposter-syndrome suffering Lee (Alexander) McQueen.

The book introduces Kate Moss as a teenage nobody with crooked teeth, an Alexander McQueen whose gayness is far from being embraced by his suburban blue-collar family and a Marc Jacobs, who is convinced he can do it all, only better.

You get a solid introduction to the hedonism, the drugs, the RocknRoll, the plastic surgery and the decadence of a decade, that was defined not only by grunge and Nirvana, but most certainly also by the supermodels of the 90s and their Champagne Supernovas.

Their creative genius and artistic and cultural innovation redefined fashion at the time and while reading I go from wanting to have been there to OMG – so glad this isn’t my life. Craziness, self-destructiveness, and cultural innovation go hand in hand in this excellent recap of one of the most defining decades in recent fashion history.

A thoroughly entertaining read – if you are into fashion you might not learn a whole lot of new, but regardless, this makes for an entertaining evening indulgence.

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