Always Changing, Always Awesome.


Sweet Deams

Staying at the Michelberger Hotel.



Urban Art meets High End Shopping.


TV Tower

368m High for a Great View over the City.


Nothaft & Seidel

Eat Home-made Cake in my Friend Thomas' Café.


Tom's Café

He Makes Really Good Lattes.


Michelberger Hotel

Happening, Connected, International.


Berlin is amazing. Every single time I go I have a different experience. Every time I go, it’s a different season, I see friends, I find new shops, I see new bars and I have a great time.

My most recent trip was no different – we had a girls’ weekend and contrary to my usual visits we actually did stay in a hotel instead of with friends.

We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel and upon walking into the lobby I had this amazing flashback to a summer a few years ago where we partied the night away in their back yard during fashion week before the hotel ever opened.

We rented their Loft room and it reminded me a lot of our stay at Ace hotel in NYC. A lot of the same effortless chic meets hipsterdom. Super friendly service, creative vibe, excellent breakfast and convenient location with great connection of public transportation.

Of course once again shopping was one of our key focus areas. Much success. Much joy. After getting back to Shanghai with triple the amount of luggage I had when I first left for Europe, I now decided it’s that time of the year again where I need to spring clean my closet. I definitely own too much stuff. And while it’s great to be back ‘home’ in Germany, I can highly recommend grabbing Korean dinner at Kimchi Princess, where you most definitely will need to make a reservation.

Find the full album here, including the pictures of my visit to Tom’s Cafe. Tom and I went to university together, then started our career together and then he took a giant leap, quit his adidas gig and now runs this cute little café and spends the rest of his time transalp mountainbiking, kitesurfing and riding his bikes (motorized and pedal power) around. Go, say hi!

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