Qingdao, China

Seaside Town where German Beer is Made.


Qingdao Sports

University Track and Field Grounds.


Venice Beach, China

Seaside in Qingdao Middle-Aged Men Work Out.


Fresh Seafood

Have it Fried, Grilled, Cooked, Skewered or Raw.


A few weeks ago I got to travel to Qingdao, a German colony as I was informed by our driver. I didn’t know us Germans colonized, but hey – everything is different in China.

I came for work, so little sightseeing was in order – but as it turns out, with an AQI in the high 400s for the majority of my stay, the desire to venture out was rather low.

We ate our way through various restaurants and local specialities, and of course sampled a lot of Tsingtao beer.
After all, brewed by German brewing standards.

Also great: octopus on a stick!

We also visited some universities, one of the biggest in the country is located in Qingdao. We came around graduation time, thus little students, but still nice settings.

I originally had wanted to go in August for Qingdao Beerfest, the Chinese version of Octoberfest. However, considering how unpleasant (Chinese) drunks are and how little excitement the city offers, I think that plan just evaporated.

What was cool though, was the beach life. Turns out, Qingdao has its own little Muscle Beach with old guys in Speedos. The beach itself is rather sad. I dropped my camera lens cap down some rocks and the attempt to retrieve it required some serious cockroach-phobia overcoming. Generally, beachwear trends are up to international standard – animal print, polka dots and a youthful combination of both in abundance.

The town itself had little to offer. A few cute shops and lanes but you really had to go looking for them.

The by far best thing about Qingdao? The police cars look like ice cream trucks!! How cute is that!

See the entire album here on Flickr.

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