Paragliding above the Clouds.


Trisuli River

Calm Evening after an Exhilarating Day of Rafting.



Rooftop View over Phewa Lake.


Having done bungee jumping and sky diving, I thought running of a mountain and gliding through the sky would be a good next step. After arriving in Phokara we scheduled an hour-long flight from Sarangkot with one of the many local agencies. If you check trip-advisor, there’s many that have been operating for a very long time out of Phokara and they are all equally fun and safe.

We flew with the thermals and above the clouds and although we were a but unlucky with the weather, as it was too cloudy to see the Annapurna range, the view was still spectacular. Spiraling down over the lake turned my stomach a bit, but it was so exhilarating and fun that the moment passed quickly. Definitely an amazing experience to include into your trip to the Outdoors paradise of Nepal.

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