Downtown LA

The Walt Disney Concert Hall.


Intelligentsia Coffee

Venice Beach Destination.


Venice Beach

Abbot Kinney Boulevard - Shopping Destination.


Manhattan Beach

The View That Never Gets Old.


Beach Workout

The Epitome of California Life.



The Green Juice that Rules Silverlake.


Orange County Fair

Riding the Ferris Wheel through the Bold Blue Sky.


Griffith Observatory

An Icon on the South-Facing Slope of Mount Hollywood.


Dodgers Game

Two Girls Watching the All American Sport.


The Getty Villa

A Malibu Oasis Full of Art - I saw Herb RItts' Photography.



My Dream Car if it Was Ocean Blue.


Long Beach

“Tell me once more about the eternal surf.” - Rob Bignell


Outside Life

Beach Soccer Matches run all through Summer.


Dodgers Stadium


Eating chicken and waffles, burritos and burgers for a week sure isn’t healthy, but I compensated with loads of surfing, hiking, yoga and baseball (watching counts, right?). My first ever Bikram Yoga session was intense but it also was love at first sight. I’ll stick with it.

I stayed for a most fabulous week with old friends and maxed out my LA week in regards to shopping, sun soaking, sight seeing and art.

My friends live in Manhattan Beach so the days started with early morning surf sessions, followed by visits to Downtown, to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, to the Getty and Dodgers Baseball. We hiked the Hollywood Hills, wandered the coastline and channeled our inner child at the Orange County Fair. I got to meet up with old friends in Huntington Beach from when I lived there for a while in 2004 and I had the most fabulous time.

I managed to close some fabulous deals, bringing home J.Brand jeans and shorts, Vera Wang heels and Splendid Tees as well as a lot of cosmetic products (NARS Heat Wave addiction, anyone?) and the only thing that was on the list I didn’t buy was an iPad. However, I am Hong Kong bound on Monday – let’s see.

Also – I watched Magic Mike (I mean, if it’s at Arclight, I’ll go..) and despite Channung Tatum being mediocre attractive he does have a hot body. And who would’ve thought the movie has a storyline, too? Go see it!

Now I am suffering from a major jetlag, I’ve been up at 3am every morning since Wednesday. Rough. Might be a great opportunity to hit the gym early. Stay positive, right.

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