Night fell over the Grasslands.



Down the Sand Dunes in the Kubuqi Desert.


Tibetan Prayer Flags

The Grasslands - where Religions mix.


All these Camels

Riding through the Kubuqi Desert.



Inner Mongolia happens to be a interesting from a business point of view as well as from a adventure point of view and thus my business trip there in April was extended by a weekend to venture into the grasslands and the Kubuqi desert.

From Shanghai there’s a few flights a day that go to Hohhot, or in proper Pingyin Hohéhàotè. It’s around a 4 hour trip and most planes will touch down somewhere half way. Stay seated – it’s worthwhile arriving in Inner Mongolia.

It’s easiest to plan your trip through the Inner Mongolia Anda Guesthouse.

The grasslands outside of Hohhot are mega touristy, so please avoid booking through large agencies that will put you on a bus with 50 other excited Chinese people and where you are likely to spend the night in a ‘resort’ yurt. (and no, it’s not a resort!)

Anda Guesthouse runs a small travel service and are able to customize according to your calendar quite a bit.

This is the tour we booked with them (customized, because we also wanted to see the Kubuqi desert):
Xilamuren Grassland Tour

1 Day and 1-Night Tour

Travel by mini bus?2hours driving?at 9:00am to visit a traditional Mongolian family

Day 1
About 11:00am: We will arrive at Mongolian family; We will have traditional Mongolian tea.
11:30am: We will have lunch, after lunch you will have free time to rest and/or walk around the area.
3:00pm: Horse-riding in the grassland (Horse riding is 90RMB per person per hour; This is not included in the tour price).
After horse-riding, we can pick some dry cow dung for making fire later in the evening.
6:00pm: We will have dinner. Then see the sunset
8:00pm: Make a bonfire. Enjoy the shining stars in the sky.


  • Enjoy a traditional Mongolian lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • Visit the beautiful and scenic Grassland
  • Horse-riding and trekking on the Grassland
  • Spend a night in a Mongolian yurt (In Mongolian a “Ger”)
  • Shoot traditional Mongolian bow and arrow.
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset
  • Enjoy the shining stars in the sky.
  • Have a quiet and peaceful time
  • Watch sheep and cattle herding

Tour Price:
390 RMB/ person

Tour includes:
3 meals
1 night’s stay in an original Mongolian yurt (Ger)
Tour excludes:
Horse-riding (90 RMB/person/Hour)
?If you want to ride horses, you have to ride at least for one hour?

Kindly prepare any other food items if you require supplements to the food provided
We recommend that you bring your own sun protection, such as sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and also appropriate shoes or boots, and water.

Day 2
One Day Gobi Desert Tour

Leave for the desert at 8:00am. After stopping for lunch, experience the vastness of the Gobi Desert. Play in the sand and slide down the hill. Ride a camel (150 RMB/hour). Return to Hohhot by 7:00pm.

Price:: 440 RMB/person

So.. we set off to ride horses and camels, shoot arrows, collect cow pooh for our fire and star gaze. Sliding down sand dunes was extra fun and I felt a little sorry for the camels, that had surely imagined their lives slightly more fun.

The best part about going with such a small group in a van is that you can stop on the way whenever you see something you like and some of the buddhist temples are already planned in.

Inner Mongolia 2016

Inner Mongolia 2016

Inner Mongolia 2016

Inner Mongolia 2016

Inner Mongolia 2016

Inner Mongolia 2016

Inner Mongolia 2016

Inner Mongolia 2016

See the full photo album on Flickr.

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