Shanghai View

The Classic Postcard Imagery from the Bund.


Back Alleys

Massage Parlors Hang Their Towels Out to Dry.


Lupu Bridge

Crossing Underneath the Landmark every Tourist will cross at least Twice.


Every time I have guests in town, I do the same scenic bike ride. It never disappoints.

We head down to the south bund, through the Puxi Expo area, then cruise along the Bund. Stop briefly on the bridge to take in the Pudong skyline. Onwards along North Suzhou Creek, crossing back into Puxi and then on to Monganshan Road. From there back down into the French Concession. The whole tour amounts to roughly 30km, but there are ample opportunities to refuel along the way.

I am in Hongkong at the moment, and while I do enjoy excessive (or maybe let me call it extensive) retail therapy, I do miss going by bike. Streetcars have their charm, but overcrowded metros do little for my joy levels.I did research bike ride opportunities in HongKong without avail. The one thing I came across while reading the South China Morning Post over breakfast was Bike The Moment. However, at 350 HKD for the bike and an estimated 3 hours for 12km, I opted out. I mean, really?! I can run faster, as we all know!

So here’s a nostalgic retrospective at a Sunday in September.

Recreate the ride – follow me on Strava.

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