Angkor Wat

The Iconic Temple at Sunset.


Patterns of Columns

Doorways in Stone.


Siem Reap River

It runs 15km through the temple complexes.



Bike 4 Kids is a charity organization that hosts the annual Bike 4 Kids fun ride – you can sign up for 10, 50 or 100km. Once you’re signed up the objective is to raise money that will go towards Village Focus International. The organization works to empower women and children in Camobodia and neighboring Laos.

The race goes through the famous Angkor Wat temple complexes. It’s not only a beautiful scenery but also a great reason to travel to Siam Reap.

I was well trained, excited and ready to ride. I had raised a significant amount of money (thanks to all the donors and supporters – it meant the world!) – and then disaster struck!
The kind that knocks you over and won’t let you get back up.
I sat on my bike feeling like I had to suffocate. I wasn’t able to get any air, wasn’t able to generate any power whatsoever and after a stop at the medical tent following my training ride left with a respirator and an amended distance to 25km. Saddest day.

Nonetheless, the ride was beautiful. The money anyway went towards a good cause. And I ended up being the female participant who was able to raise the most – so once again: a very heartfelt Thank You to all.

I did shed a few tears, but then I focused on the positives: being in one of the world’s most amazing places. It was the second time for me to come to Siam Reap, after my South East Asia in 2008.

The cultural sites hadn’t changed at all, yet the city had developed rapidly and was hardly recognizable. The bar street has blown out of proportion and I was happy to be staying away from the hustle and bustle at the Suorkear Boutique Hotel & Spa.

The full album, as always, can be found on Flickr.

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